thor and loki’s name references


When Thor says “son of coul” to coulston, is that because coulston sounds like coulson like Odinson so Thor thinks coulston’s dad was called coul or is there a reason in mythology hat makes humans sons and daughters of coul and I’m just being retarded?
I am jut tryin to occupy myself because I dont want to be paying attention when Loki lets go :(

azamatt - as far as im aware it is just an old tradition, so you would be right, he refers to agent coulson like that because he thinks he is the son of coul. thor would assume coulson introduces himself as ‘agent, son of coulson’ as in his first name is agent, and second name is coulson. just as thor, son of odin, is thor odinson. and Loki, son of laufy, is loki laufyson.  this  is referenced in norse mythology as well i think. as well as ancient history. people did introduce them selves as son of. because towns were alot smaller etc. at least thats where i think it comes from lol. just thought id confirm your probably right!

im gonna miss any avengers related films :(. have to wait a whole year untill we get anymore :(. but then we get thor 2 and iron man 3! possibly cap 2? dont think thats out next year tho

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